Master EEA – Track “Photonic & Electronic Sensors for environment and Health” (IDIL)


IDIL is an interdisciplinary in lab’ graduate program that aims to introduce students to the world of research within the laboratories attached to the University of Montpellier, and to promote interdisciplinarity around three main thematic pillars: Feed Care and Protect.

IDIL is taught in English and can offers grants for incoming foreign students.

The EEA track focuses on “Photonic & Electronic Sensors for environment and Health”.

Sensors are omnipresent in our modern world. To give just a few examples: in the environment, they are used to detect and quantify the presence of pollutants in water or the atmosphere; in medicine, they enable 2D or even 3D imaging of the eye or arteries, or the early diagnosis of diseases. Most of the latest high-performance sensors are based on electronic or optical/photonic components, and we don’t even know it. Against this backdrop of ever-increasing and more demanding demand, the IDIL Master’s degree « Photonic & electronic sensors for the environment and health » aims to train highly qualified personnel in the field of electronic and photonic sensors, with a focus on applications in the environment and health, supported by long stays in research laboratories. Graduates can then choose to complete their training to become researchers in the public or private sectors, responsible for developing new systems that open up the field of possibilities for the future.

The course is supported by the Institute of Electronics and Systems, a world-class Univ. de Montpellier / CNRS research laboratory in the field of sensors and photonics. Supervised by renowned researchers, you will learn to master state-of-the-art experimental techniques, enabling you to design and manufacture lasers, sensors, detectors and other key components using cutting-edge technological equipment, right through to the application of these components, particularly in the environmental and health fields.

Programme des enseignements

More about the IDIL program, including the available courses, is available here.